As a Spatial Designer, I believe that architecture shouldn't be treated as an arcane and specialist discipline to be left to the professionals, but as something that affects all our lives, our well-being and, most importantly, our happiness.


I am a London-based Brazilian-British Interior & Spatial Designer, whose works range from Architecture, Urbanism & Interior Design, to interests in the intersection of photography and critical thinking. My most recent employment experience, has been at Blacksheep – a design studio based in London specialising in food and beverage, delivering a complete guest experience through a multidisciplinary approach via worldwide projects.

Previously to that, I have also worked at Roberts & Treguer, a London based architecture studio where derelict buildings were re-considered and successfully brought back to life. Anteriorly to starting my work in practical architecture, I worked  producing exhibitions with the technical team at the ICA (Institute of Contemporary Arts) in London, which involved working closely with names such as Snohetta, Jurgen Teller and in solo shows by artists such as Bruce Nauman and Richard Hamilton.

In the past five years, since gaining a degree in Interior & Spatial Design and accruing a wealth of work experience, I have also been investigating the impact of architecture via literary and photographic explorations, separating the utilitarian functionality of buildings and spaces from their form. These investigations have since been presented in two exhibitions in London in 2015 – one group and one solo show – and a serious of self made zine publications.


If we judge the work of an architect according to what has been described as ‘the ability to articulate space purposefully’, then photographs have become the measure of that ability. Architecture, as a static and commonly solid and rigid discipline, seems often unavailable to be appreciated in mundane ways. As we are unable to move buildings, we have to approach them in person to experience their architecture.

This movement suggests that the experience of architecture is fundamentally an extension of the experience of everyday life – what we feel in our day-to-day spaces. With this in mind, we need to release it from the hands of the architects and its solid status and capture it again from a diverse angle as our own experience. 

These photographs – arranged in different ways of interpreting  architecture, detached from space and time and translated into forms and colours – are an attempt to give way to the pleasures of physical experience in order to live the flow and the unexpected richness born in our everyday spaces.

The hard core of beauty

Queer Space – Architecture & Gender

Architecture Of Density

Portraits Of Geometry


Non Places

Portraits Of Colour

The Camera Sees Everything At Once.

Urban In Details


Portraits Of Light

Geometry Of Somewhere

21st Century Museum Of Contemporary Art – Kanazawa – SANAA

Salk Institute – La Jolla – Louis Kahn

Getty Centre – Los Angeles – Richard Meier

Geisel Library Building – San Diego – William Pereira


The skills I have developed in designing, creating and conceptualising new spatial situations, have contributed to my experience in commercial, residential, hospitality and large scale urban projects, set design, and a sequence of challenging art installations in a world renowned art institution.

My professional experience has continued to expand into different aspects of architectural and spatial design. 

Palette Studies

City Squares, Oberpollinger Munich


Il Pescatore


12|14 Stradom House

Il Portico


Cervo Bar

Il Pomodoro

The Culpeper Bedrooms

Blaker Road

The Arches – Public House

Spatial Portraiture

Set Design Basso & Brooke Spring/Summer 2016

SW4 Visuals

Styling/Set Design Basso & Brooke 2014/2015

East Architecture Landscape Urban Design

ICA – Institute of Contemporary Arts 2014

ICA – Institute of Contemporary Arts 2013

ICA – Institute of Contemporary Arts 2012


Studying Interior and Spatial Design taught me to explore the ‘making’ of space and objects within an architectural context. We addressed architectural concerns at the human scale: how we experience our architectural environment and encompass the design of individual and sequences of spaces and objects that inhabit and articulate space.

My Academic Research was concerned with developing social programmes, whereby spaces are ‘offered’ to the users in a way that can enhance and inform the activities that they contain, developing critical perspectives and alternatives of architecture and spatial design through different projects.

Interior & Spatial Design Degree Show 2013

Memory Cloud

Perception of Unconscious Architecture

The Weatherlily Pavilion


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